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How to make a difference for Accessible IT

Whether you are an educator, student, parent or advocate, you can make a difference by becoming aware of the challenges that students with disabilities face when using educational technology. Armed with this knowledge, you can take practical steps to promote accessible technology in your system.

The following resources can help you get started:

Breaking Down Barriers: Parent's Guide to Accessible IT

For parents, this guide explains how software, digital textbooks and other learning tools can help level the playing field for all students if the products are chosen with accessibility in mind. It also offers tips for advocating for a more accessible technology environment in your child's school. Want a personal copy? Ask for a free colorful brochure.

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Educator's Guide to Accessible ITBreaking Down Barriers: Educator's Guide to Accessible IT

This guide is designed to give educators an overview of accessible technology and how accessible technology can enhance learning for students of all abilities. This educator's guide outlines practical steps for increasing the accessibility of your school's information technology infrastructure. This guide is also available as a colorful brochure that can be downloaded and printed. Ask for your copy.

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Accessibility Checklist for Schools

How accessible is your school or campus technology environment? Find out with this free online checklist.

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Learn about Accessible Information Technology

This self-paced Web course will help you become aware of issues that students with disabilities face when using Information Technology in schools. It will also inform you of relevant laws and policy issues.

Learn about Accessible Information Technology