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Providing information, training, and resources on the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and 

Serving Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada & the Pacific Basin (Region 9)

Need ADA Assistance? 1-800-949-4232 (Voice/TTY) or Email Us

The ADA National Network and Regional ADA Centers

The ADA National Network provides information, guidance and training on how to implement the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) in order to support the mission of the ADA to “assure equality of opportunity, full participation, independent living, and economic self-sufficiency for individuals with disabilities.”

Funded by the National Institute on Disability, Independent Living, and Rehabilitation Research (NIDILRR), the network consists of ten Regional ADA Centers located throughout the United States and an ADA Knowledge Translation Center (ADAKTC).

Each Regional ADA Center focuses on its region’s unique needs. This regional focus is critical to ensuring that ADA National Network services meet the needs of a diversity of populations and stakeholders throughout the country.

Visit the ADA National Network's website at adata.org.


Visit your regional ADA Center Web site for complete and experienced services by accessing the map or the list of ADA Centers below.  

Expanded US Map

Region 1: New England ADA Center

Region 1-New England ADA Center
Serving: Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island
New England ADA Center
180-200 Portland Street, Suite 1
Boston, MA 02114
(Voice & TTY): 1-617-695-0085
(Fax): 1-617-482-8099
(Toll free): 1-800-949-4232

Region 2: Northeast ADA Center

Region 2-Northeast ADA Center
Serving: New Jersey, New York, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands
Employment and Disability Institute
Cornell University: ILR School
201 Dolgen Hall
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853-3901
(Voice & TTY): 1-607-255-6686
(Fax): 1-607-255-2763
(Toll free): 1-800-949-4232

Region 3: Mid-Atlantic ADA Center

Region 3: Mid-Atlantic ADA Center
Serving: Delaware, District of Columbia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia
TransCen, Inc.
401 North Washington Street, Suite 450
Rockville, MD 20850
(Voice & TTY): 1-301-217-0124
(Fax): 1-301-251-3762
(Toll free): 1-800-949-4232

Region 4: Southeast ADA Center

Region 4: Southeast ADA Center
Serving: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee
Burton Blatt Institute
Syracuse University
1419 Mayson Street
Atlanta, GA 30324
(Voice & TTY): 1-404-541-9001
(Toll free): 1-800-949-4232

Region 5: Great Lakes ADA Center

Region 5: Great Lakes ADA Center
Serving: Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Wisconsin
University of Illinois at Chicago
Institute on Disability & Human Development (MC 728)
1640 West Roosevelt Road, Room 405
Chicago, IL 60608
(Voice & TTY): 1-312-413-1407
(Fax): 1-312-413-1856
(Toll free): 1-800-949-4232

Region 6: Southwest ADA Center

Region 6: Southwest ADA Center
Serving: Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas
Independent Living Research Utilization
1333 Moursund
Houston, TX 77030
(Voice & TTY): 1-713-797-7171
(Fax): 1-713-520-5785
(Toll free): 1-800-949-4232

Region 7: Great Plains ADA Center

Region 7: Great Plains ADA Center
Serving: Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska
University of Missouri
100 Corporate Lake Drive
Columbia, MO 65203
(Voice & TTY): 1-573-882-3600
(Fax): 1-573-884-4925
(Toll free): 1-800-949-4232

Region 8: Rocky Mountain ADA Center

Region 8: Rocky Mountain ADA Center
Serving: Colorado, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah, Wyoming
Meeting the Challenge, Inc
3630 Sinton Road, Suite 103
Colorado Springs, CO 80907
(Voice & TTY): 1-719-444-0268
(Fax): 1-719-444-0269
(Toll free): 1-800-949-4232

Region 9: Pacific ADA Center

Region 9: Pacific ADA Center
Serving: Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada, The Pacific Basin
Public Health Institute
555 12th Street, Suite 1030
Oakland, CA 94607-4046
(Voice & Relay): 1-510-831-6714
(Toll free): 1-800-949-4232

Region 10: Northwest ADA Center

Region 10: Northwest ADA Center
Serving: Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, Washington
Center for Continuing Education in Rehabilitation
University of Washington
6912 220th St. SW, Suite 105
Mountlake Terrace, Washington 98043
(Voice & TTY): 1-425-248-2480
(Fax:) 1-425-774-9303
(Toll free): 1-800-949-4232

   ADA Knowledge Translation Center

   ADA National Network

   ADA Knowledge Translation Center
   University of Washington
   Seattle, WA 98382