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ADA National Network Learning Session: Fitting Accessibility into the Design and Construction Standards of Storm Shelters

Wednesday, May 8, 2019, 11:30am PT-1:00pm PT PST

Learning objectives:
• Identify where storm shelters are required in the codes.
• Determine the extent to which storm shelter standard (ICC 500) provisions apply for required and non-required storm shelters
• Have a general understanding of scoping (where) and technical (how) requirements for tornado and hurricane storm shelters


The ICC 500 is a standard for the design and construction of storm shelters for protection from tornados and hurricanes. This course will review where storm shelters are required by the International building codes. There will also be an overview of the technical, or the how to, requirements in the ICC 500, including access for persons with disabilities. The needs of the type of shelter differ because of the differences between tornadoes and hurricanes. Some of the biggest differences is the amount of warning time to get to a shelter, the time the occupants will stay in the shelter and the differences in the forces from the wind and debris on the shelter. This class will explain those differences and the why behind the requirements.


Registration: Free on-line at http://www.adapresentations.org/registration.php