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ADA National Network Webinar Series: Health Care and the ADA-Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities Department of Justice's Barrier Free Health Care Initiative

Thursday, June 27, 2019, 11:30am PT-1:00pm PT PST

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This webinar will address health care organizations' obligations under the ADA. This will include a discussion of the Disability Rights Section's recent work on health care access, including agreements related to interpreters, service animals, equipment, HIV, opioid use disorder, and physical accessibility.

Learning objectives:

Understand health care organizations' obligations under the ADA.
Learn about DRS' recent health care access cases.
Find out where to go for more information about the ADA and health care access for individuals with disabilities.

Stephanie Berger is an Attorney Advisor in the Disability Rights Section (DRS) of the Civil Rights Division of the United States Department of Justice. Within DRS, she is a member of the Regulations, Interpretation, and Coordination team, where she provides legal advice and coordination regarding the nondiscrimination requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act and section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. She also works on the Section's efforts under the ADA to combat discrimination against people with opioid use disorder who are in treatment or recovery. Ms. Berger holds a B.A. from Arizona State University and a J.D. from Harvard Law School.