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The Pacific ADA Center's mission is to promote the full participation in society of all persons with disabilities by increasing knowledge of the ADA and related disability civil rights laws by individuals, organizations, businesses, and government agencies. 

Individuals Eligible for Payment under Uber's Settlement with the U.S. Justice Department

October 28, 2022

On October 24th, Uber notified over 65,000 individuals that they are eligible for a payment under its settlement with the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ). The settlement involves a DOJ lawsuit filed against Uber saying that Uber violated the Americans with Disabilities Act by charging wait time fees to riders who, because of disability, need more time to board an Uber car. For more information, see the DOJ press release about the settlement agreement between the DOJ and Uber.

DOJ is asking individuals to check their email and Uber app in the “Uber hub” section to see if they've been notified they are eligible for ride credits or money payments.

Under the agreement, Uber is also waiving wait time fees for all Uber riders who certify that they (or someone they frequently travel with) need more time to get in an Uber because of a disability. On Uber's Help Page there is information about waivers and wait time fee refunds.