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Justice Department provides information on its activities to protect voting and fair elections

Posted on January 26, 2024

  • The Justice Department is providing information about what it’s doing to make sure upcoming elections are fair and safe for everyone.
  • It has different divisions that help make sure:
    • All eligible people can vote without dealing with discrimination and intimidation, and
    • Our elections are protected and free from problems created by outside groups and governments.
  • It enforces laws like the Voting Rights Act which makes sure there are fair election practices. These voting-related laws do many things, including:
    • Allow voters who need help in voting because of a disability or who aren’t able to read or write to get help from almost any person of their choice, and
    • Require accessible voting systems for voters with disabilities.
  • The Department also deals with election crimes, including destroying ballots and voter intimidation.
  • If you have problems with or worries about voting, you can call the Justice Department or contact them through their website.

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