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People with Disabilities’ Use of Telehealth During the Pandemic

A recent study by the Council on Quality and Leadership explored people with disabilities’ use of telehealth during the COVID-19 pandemic (April-July 2021).  The study’s findings include:

  • 39.8% of people with disabilities used telehealth within the last month of taking the survey, but their use differed based on their disability type and other sociodemographic factors.
  • Across disability types, men, people with less education, and people who lived in the South and Midwest were less likely to use telehealth.
  • People with disabilities who had health care coverage through their employer, private insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, and Veterans Affairs were more likely to use telehealth than those with other forms of health care coverage.

For more information, see the article, “People with Disabilities’ Use of Telehealth During the Pandemic”.