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Supreme Court avoids ruling on disability rights case

Posted on December 12, 2023

  • Supreme Court avoids ruling on disability rights case involving activist Deborah Laufer.
  • Laufer reviewed hotel websites for ADA compliance.
  • The case questioned if she could sue hotels for not disclosing accessibility information if she didn’t plan to book a room.
  • The case could have stopped the ability of “testers” to bring lawsuits to benefit the disabled community as a whole by making sure hotels comply with the ADA.
  • Supreme Court ruled 9-0, declaring the case moot as Laufer dropped it after her lawyer’s suspension.
  • Acheson Hotels argued Laufer lacked legal standing as she didn’t intend to stay at the hotels.
  • Laufer, in a 2020 lawsuit, claimed the hotel’s website didn’t identify accessible rooms.
  • The court did not address the broader issue of disability rights activism and legal standing.

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