The Pacific ADA Center provides guidance on service animals in public spaces

Posted on October 25, 2023

Jan Garrett, Deputy Director of ADA Programs at the Pacific ADA Center, was recently interviewed by the L.A. Times. She shared guidance from the Americans with Disabilities Act on service animals in public spaces. Here are some key points:

  • Service animals are trained to help people with many different types of disabilities.
  • They don’t have to wear a special vest or have ID.
  • People can train their service animal themselves or get help from experts.
  • A service animal must do a task that helps the person with a disability.
  • They are allowed in many public places like government offices and stores. Almost always, they can go everywhere their handler goes.
  • There are only two questions you are allowed to ask to find out if a dog is a service animal.
  • If a service animal is causing problems and its handler can’t control it, the handler can be asked to take their service animal outside.  But the person with a disability must be allowed to return.

Read the original article for more information on service animals

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