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Category: Emergency preparedness

DHS Looking for public comments on its environmental justice efforts

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) wants to identify, deal with, and promote environmental justice that may result from DHS programs, policies, and activities. The government should treat everyone fairly when they make decisions that could affect people’s health and environment. This makes sure everyone is safe from unfair health and environmental problems. It also … Continued

Resources for people with disabilities experiencing wildfires and other disasters

People in the communities affected by natural disasters, including the fire in Maui, are beginning the hard task of recovery. This includes people with disabilities, who may need to find accessible temporary housing, replace assistive devices or medical equipment, and eventually rebuild or find new homes. Check out NARIC’s list of disaster information and services

Impacts of extreme weather on people with disabilities

The National Council on Disability has a new report on the effects of natural disasters and extreme weather events on people with disabilities. The report found that people with disabilities are more affected by extreme weather events and environmental dangers in ways that are often not looked at by state, local, tribal, and territorial governments. … Continued

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