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Arts~N~Rec: Adaptive Strength and Endurance

OctOctober 12 2023

11:00am - 12:30pm

It’s important for people with disabilities to do muscle strength and endurance training. Strength and endurance training is super important for folks with disabilities. It keeps them from getting hurt, makes their bodies stronger and better at moving, and helps them feel more independent and confident.
Doing this kind of exercise reduces your chances of getting hurt, makes your core (the middle of your body) stronger, helps you move better. It also makes you feel more independent, confident, and healthier. The Turnstone Center staff will tell you how their jobs help people become stronger and have better endurance. They’ll talk about how this kind of training is good for athletes with disabilities. They will also highlight the special aspect of working in a place that encourages teamwork among different experts. After the presentation, participants can ask questions to the speakers.

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