Ask an ADA Professional Questions RE: Accommodations in the Court System

JanJanuary 10 2024

11:00am - 12:00pm

People who meet the ADA definition of disability are entitled to reasonable accommodations in court activities and programs under Title II. However, understanding when and how the court must comply with the ADA in various court settings (civil, children, family, criminal, etc.) can be difficult, both for court users with disabilities and the court itself. Court personnel must be trained to respond to a wide range of court users with disabilities, including litigants, defendants, jurors, attorneys, witnesses, parents, children, juveniles, practitioners, court spectators, and more. On the other hand, court users with disabilities often rely on court accommodation systems to obtain equal access to the justice system and benefit from court services. During this program, attendees will have the opportunity to ask ADA professionals questions about the ADA right to reasonable accommodations in Title II court systems.

Legal Advice Disclaimer: ADA professionals will be providing technical assistance and resources regarding the ADA and court accommodations during this session. This information is intended solely as informational guidance and is not a determination of legal rights or responsibilities, nor binding on any agency with enforcement responsibility under the ADA or any other law. If you are seeking a legal opinion or advice, please contact a lawyer or other appropriate legal representation.

To ensure your question is answered during the session, individuals are highly encouraged to submit their questions ahead of time via the registration website (the option to submit questions is available once you have registered for the session).

Sign Language Interpreters and Human Generated Real-Time Captioning will be provided for this session.


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