Justice Department sues Colorado for violating the Americans with Disabilities Act

Posted on October 13, 2023

  • The Justice Department is suing Colorado because they’re putting adults with physical disabilities, including older people, in nursing homes when they could live at home.
  • Colorado was told about this problem in March 2022 and given steps to fix it, but they didn’t.
  • The law says people with disabilities should get help in the best place for them, like at home, no matter how old they are or what disability they have.
  • Many Coloradans with physical disabilities can’t choose to get help at home instead of in nursing homes.
  • A lot of people in Colorado’s nursing homes want to go back home, and they can do well there if they get the right help.
  • But very few people with physical disabilities in Colorado get this help to live in their own homes.
  • Most people in nursing homes don’t even know they have the choice to live in their communities.

Learn more about Colorado putting adults with physical disabilities into separate places when it’s not needed.

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