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Smithsonian improves online features to make things easier to access

The Smithsonian is using technology to improve museums and the resources people have access to. The goal is for everyone, no matter where they are, to get a better understanding of the changing world. New software will make things better for visitors, donors, volunteers, and others who deal with the Smithsonian. The aim is to … Continued

L.A. Metro gets praised for a program that helps seniors with transportation

The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority has a program called the “On the Move Riders Program.” It received the Spirit of Accessibility Award for helping seniors with transportation. The program teaches L.A. older adults about using public transportation through workshops, events, and tours. Seniors aged 62+ who sign up get discounted fares on Metro … Continued

2023 National Survey on Health and Disability

The University of Kansas is looking for adults with disabilities to complete a survey. The survey is called the National Survey on Health and Disability (NSHD). People with disabilities can share what they think and their experiences with things like healthcare, housing, and jobs. It’s open to adults in the U.S. who are 18 or … Continued

Recreation for all: Improving accessibility on public lands

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has introduced an “accessibility” map for its recreation sites to help people with mobility or accessibility needs. This map is part of Disability Awareness Month and is the first step in a bigger effort by the BLM. A team of experts has improved the online map, allowing users to … Continued

The Justice Department has new guidance on the ADA and public employment and day services for people with disabilities

The Justice Department has new guidance about how the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)’s “integration mandate” applies to public employment and day services. The integration mandate says state and local governments have to provide services to people with disabilities in the most inclusive setting possible. Many people with disabilities are in sheltered workshops and day … Continued

Quest Diagnostics lawsuit over inaccessible kiosks can go to trial

The American Council of the Blind (ACB) won a case in California¬†against Quest Diagnostics. The case is about their self-service kiosks being inaccessible to blind people. This violates the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act). The case can now go to trial and is for all legally blind people who visited Quest in 2018 and 2019 … Continued

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