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The unemployment rate for workers with disabilities is increasing

Posted on January 18, 2024

  • The last jobs report for 2023 showed that the job market is doing well, with many jobs added and a low unemployment rate.
  • Even though there were fewer jobs added compared to previous years, it was still better than what experts expected.
  • Workers with disabilities, who often face difficulties finding jobs, have seen improvements. More than 7.7 million disabled people had jobs as of December 2023.
  • More disabled people joined the workforce, and this happened because a lot of them began working remotely. In December 2023, around 1.8 million individuals with disabilities had remote work.  It could also be because nearly a million more people identified as disabled, possibly because of the increase in long COVID cases.
  • At the same time, unemployment across the disabled workforce has climbed.
  • The unemployment rate for workers with disabilities is now at 6.7%.
  • Disabled workers still face more challenges in finding jobs compared to others. Their unemployment rate is almost twice the unemployment rate for all U.S. workers.

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