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Serving Region 9 - Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada & the Pacific Basin

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ADA Coordinator Resources

California ADA Coordinator Lists

Cities (As of 7/10/2018)

Counties (As of 7/10/2018)

Places of Public Accommodation (Title III) (As of 7/10/2018)

Transportation (As of 7/10/2018)

Meetings: Materials and Recordings

Introductory Webinar (6/7/2018)

Introductory Webinar - PowerPoint Presentation (6/7/2018)

Networking Webinar (7/30/2018) 

Networking Webinar - PowerPoint Presentation (7/30/2018)

California Network of ADA Coordinators: Google Group

An informed group of ADA Coordinators have joined forces to establish a California Network of ADA Coordinators' Google Group to share information and learning opportunities.The group is faciliated by the Pacific ADA Center. 

If you would like to become a member of our Google Group, please request to join via our Contact Us page and select the "Add to ADA Coordinator Network Google Group" option from the "Regarding" drop down menu. 

Questions? Want to get involved?

Please contact the Network’s coordinator at (707) 333-4549, CRS 711, or at laney@lmdisability.com.