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Service dog certification and registration

There are no certification or registration requirements for service animals. They are not required to be certified or go through a professional training program.

They are also not required to wear a vest or other ID that indicates they’re a service dog.

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Certification is not required

The ADA has no requirement for service animals to be certified. The federal government has not approved any type of form, application, vest, or picture ID to show an animal is a service animal. People often buy online documentation that says their animal is a service animal. This does not prove or mean anything. 

A service animal is trained to perform a task directly related to its handler’s disability. But the ADA does not require that service animals complete an official training program.

Registration is not required

There is no need or requirement to register a dog as a service animal. There are online service animal registries and some look official, but you do not need to use them.

Some local governments or organizations offer voluntary service animal registration services. They are not required, but some include benefits like a lower animal licensing fee or alerting first responders to look for a service animal in an emergency situation.

Licensing and vaccination

State or local governments can require service dogs to be licensed and vaccinated, if all dogs are required to be licensed and vaccinated.

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